Bumble Bee

“Bumble Bee” is a micro-UAV designed and manufactured by the Anatolia Aero Design Team to participate in the Future Flight Design Competition organized in collaboration with TUBITAK and the Turkish Air Force Academy at the İstanbul Hezarfen Airport in 2015.

It was ranked in 2nd place in the contest, after the Chinese team and had the success of being the only Turkish team on the podium. This also marked the achievement of having a first cup winner in an International UAV-design Contest by the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Eskisehir Technical University. It was designed by Emre Özbek.

Empty Weight: 1600 gr

Payload: 2000 gr

Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW): 3600 gr

Length: 100 cm

Wing Span: 160 cm

Wing Chord: 23 cm

Aspect Ratio: 6,9

The number of miniature UAVs can be dropped from it: 6