“TARDIS” is a micro-UAV designed and manufactured by the Anatolia Aero Design Team to participate in the UAV Turkey Competition organized by TUBITAK in Gebze Technical University in 2016. It was designed by Emre Özbek in tandem with Gürol Top. The team leadership was carried out by Emre Özbek and İrem Türk. It was flown by İbrahim Yavuz Dal.

The Anatolia Aero Design Team was disqualified along with many teams during the contest due to the violation of contest rules. Only three teams were able to get points due to the rules and the incompatibility of the runway.

Empty Weight: 2400 gr

Payload: 1600 gr

Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW): 4000 gr

Length: 120 cm

Wing Span: 170 cm

Wing Chord: 22 cm

Aspect Ratio: 7,72

The number of aluminum cube blocks that can be dropped from the UAV: 4

Flight experience with an FPV camera and goggles

Carbon-fiber fuselage and composite structure