“JAEGER” got its name from the Jaeger (Fowler) Bird, commonly found in northern Europe.  It is a micro-UAV designed and manufactured by the Anatolia Aero Design Team that participated in the SAE Aero Design East Competition held in Lakeland, Florida in 2017.

The greatest of the successes of Turkish UAV design teams in the international arena have been achieved by being ranked 1st overall, 3rd place at the highest payload fraction and 3rd place at the highest payload lifted in the contest.

Jaeger’s success ensured that the achievement of Atlas was sustained. At the end of the contest, three awards, earned on the international stage, were brought to the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Eskisehir Technical University and at this time our success in this field has been revealed by being ranked 1st in the contest.

“Jaeger” was designed by Emre Özbek.  The team leadership was carried out by Emre Özbek and İrem Türk and it was flown by İbrahim Yavuz Dal.

Empty Weight: 305 gr

Payload: 1285 gr

Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW): 1590 gr

Length: 68 cm

Wing Span: 92 cm

Wing Chord: 13 cm

Aspect Ratio: 7

Aircraft Container: 15-cm-diameter, 26-cm-height

Landing Method : Belly landing