“ATLAS” is a micro-UAV designed and manufactured by the Anatolia Aero Design Team to participate in the SAE Aero Design West Competition held in Van Nuys, California in 2016. A great success was achieved by being ranked 1st in High Payload Fraction, 2nd in High Payload Lifted and 3rd in Overall classification in the contest. Atlas was designed by Emre Özbek who carried out the leadership with Gürol Top at the time. It was flown by İbrahim Yavuz Dal.

“ATLAS” became the first micro-UAV, with the highest payload fraction, designed by Anatolia Aero Design. Three awards, which were won on the international stage, were brought to the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Eskisehir Technical University. In addition, we were awarded 3rd place in a UAV design and manufacture competition among other universities for the first time.

Empty Weight: 470 gr

Payload: 1600 gr

Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW): 2070 gr

Length: 100 cm

Wing Span: 120 cm

Wing Chord: 13,5 cm

Aspect Ratio: 8,88

Aircraft Container: 15-cm-diameter, 42-cm-height

Landing Method : Belly landing