Anatolia Aero Design

“Anatolia Aero Design” is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) design team operating with the participation of undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics at  Eskişehir Technic  University, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Hikmet Karakoç.

Within the scope of activities;

  • We are taking part in prestigious national and international UAV design and flight competitions.
  • We are putting industry-supported R&D projects into practice by associating the dissertations of team members with TUBITAK’s call for undergraduate theses.
  • We are taking an active role in response to the calls from The Undersecretariat for Defence Industries as a contractor or a consultant while providing support to firms in this field.
  • R&D projects are carried out within the framework of Scientific Research Projects in the University.
  • In order to develop research consciousness within the team, each student presents his / her work by conducting research on the issues given by the in-team counselor.
  • A comprehensive database of the model aircraft and the UAV literature is created by compiling the research reports of the team members.
  • Research studies on analysis of UAVs and their designs are submitted to national and international symposiums and are sent to scientific journals as articles by postgraduates.