Ozzaim Aviation Tool Supply Does not Leave Our Team Unsupported

Owner of Özzaim LTD, who does not leave the Anatolia Aero Design Team alone, Esat Özzaim is frequently visiting our workshops. Observing that our aprons were inadequate during one of his visits to the workshop, Mr. Özzaim eliminates our apron shortcoming with the support of Atlas Copco.
We offer our endless gratitude to Esat Özzaim and Atlas Copco. for supporting our team and the aprons we wear with pleasure.

After MATLAB & Simulink Seminar

We had a conference on May 3rd 2018, at Eskisehir Technic University Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics in the Mustafa ÖÇ conference hall, with the high interest of engineering students. Speakers visited our workshop after the two-session conference. We received a promise for a more detailed MATLAB & Simulink training conference for a later date.

We Were In Sector Meetings 2018

Biggest companies of the sector were invited to the event which was held on April 21-22 2018 and took place in Anadolu University Student Center-Hall 2016.The event was organized by Anadolu University Career Club, we also found the opportunity to open our stands.Participants have shown interest in our stand and planes have attracted a lot of interest. We were delighted both in taking part in such an event and bringing our planes together. We would like to thank the Anadolu University Career Club and all participants.

After A Successful Conference

Mr. Özzaim owner of Özzaim Limited Company -which is engaged in sales and marketing activities with the world’s leading brands in aviation, defense, automotive and general industry with a wide range of products from aircraft maintenance machines and equipments to precision cutting tools, mechanical hand tools to lubrication equipments- who is also an Anatolia Aero Design supporter has informed us about the hand tools used in aviation and the safe use of these tools.


Our team, which proved its success in many national and international competitions, will now participate in TUBITAK’s UAV 2018 competition. The team started the preparations quickly and very excited for the competition.

Our workshops have a self sacrificing and disciplined work environment. We hope that our friends will succeed in this challenging marathon.